Statewide Conservative Leaders:

Rick Perry - Former Governor of Texas
Cathie Adams - President - Texas Eagle Forum & Former Texas GOP Chairman*
George Strake - Former Texas Secretary of State & Former Texas GOP Chairman*
Kelly Shackelford - President & CEO - Liberty Institute*
David Barton - President – Wallbuilders*
Jonathan Saenz - President - Texas Values*
JoAnn Fleming – Executive Director - Grassroots America We the People*
Julie McCarty - President - NE Tarrant Tea Party*
Jim and Robin Lennon - President - Kingwood Tea Party*
Mary Jane Smith - Director - Texas Conservative View PAC*
Skeet Workman - President - Lubbock Co. Eagle Forum*
Maggie Wright - Past President - Texas Patriots Tea Party*
Marie Howard - President - The Boiling Point Tea Party*
Gale Sayers - San Antonio Republican Women Member & Grassroots Activist*


Scott Brister - Former Texas Supreme Court Justice
Jim Moseley - Former Court of Appeals Justice
Paul Pressler - Former Court of Appeals Justice

State Sen. Charles Perry
State Sen. Bob Hall
State Sen. Charles Schwertner
State Sen. Lois Kolkhorst
State Rep. Dustin Burrows
State Rep. Tom Craddick

State Rep. Pat Fallon
State Rep. Jodie Laubenberg
State Rep. Jeff Leach
State Rep. Rick Miller
State Rep. Dade Phelan
State Rep. Matt Rinaldi
State Rep. Scott Sanford
State Rep. Michael Schofield
State Rep. Matt Shaheen
State Rep. Drew Springer
State Rep. James White
State Rep. Bill Zedler
Joe Nixon - Former State Representative and Author of the 2003 Medical Liability Tort Reform Legislation
Jaime Capelo - Former State Representative and Co-Author of the 2003 Medical Liability Tort Reform Legislation
Reece Rondon - Former Judge - 234th District Court
Ann and Bill McCullough - Former Harris County Probate Judge
Ty Prause - Colorado County Judge
Tommy Hahn - Colorado County Commissioner Pct. 3
Jay Johannes - Colorado County Attorney
Linda Holman - Colorado County District Clerk
Paul Perry - Ellis County Commissioner

Laura Fillault - Woodlands Township Director


Dr. Robin Armstrong - Texas GOP National Committeeman
Ernest Angelo - Former Texas GOP National Committeeman
Bill Crocker - Former Texas GOP National Committeeman

Mark Ramsey - SREC SD 7
Karl Voightsberger - SREC SD 8
Dale Gibble - SREC SD 13
Randall Dunning - SREC SD 16
Virginia Prodan – SREC SD 16
Marvin Clede - SREC SD 17
Terri DuBose - SREC SD 19
Alma Jackson – SREC SD 26
Nunzio Previtera – SREC SD 26

Mike Olcott – SREC SD 30
Tom Roller – SREC SD 31
Mark Brown - Chairman - Senate District 13
Mary Kathryn Pickle - Chairwoman - Senate District 17
Jim Hotze - Chairman - Senate District 17

Sheryl Berg - Former SREC SD 11
Pam Moore - Colorado County GOP Chair
Yvonne Dewey - Brazoria County GOP Chair
Barbara Meeks - Galveston County GOP Chair

Kathy Haigler - Caldwell County GOP Chair
Tom Cottar Harris County Precinct Chair
William Morris - Harris County Precinct Chair
Susanna Dokupil - Harris County GOP Vice-Chair
Rosemary Edwards - Former Travis County GOP Chair
Jean Ellis - Former Colorado County GOP Chair
Sharron Albertson - Former President, Golden Corridor Republican Women*
Patricia Henderson - President, Ronald Reagan Republican Women*
Gary Shrum - President of Pearland Area Republican Club*

Curtis McCaffity - PAC Director of Tarrant Republican Club*
Matthew Burnstein - Board Member, Texas Republican Liberty Caucus*
Matthew Howerton - Chairman, Houston Republican Liberty Caucus
Norma Jeter - GOP Volunteer of the Year, SD 7; Communications, Texas Tea Party RW*
Grace Handley - Membership Chairman, Yellow Rose of Texas Republican Women*
Valerie Bryan - Former Officer, Spirit of Freedom Republican Women*

Frank Hester - Former Treasurer, Fort Bend County Republican Party
Deanne Amerine - Brazoria County GOP Precinct Chair
Betty Anderson - Montgomery County GOP Precinct Chair
Dominic A. Aquila - Harris County GOP Precinct Chair
Al Baker - Fort Bend County Precinct Chair
Julius Baumann - Fort Bend County Precinct Chair
Mary Jane Beisert - Harris County GOP Precinct Chair
Robert Berger - Colorado County GOP Precinct Chair
Amy Castillo - Harris County GOP Precinct Chair; Secretary, Yellow Rose of Texas RW*
Dan Dillard - Colorado County GOP Precinct Chair
Cynthia Dixon - Brazoria County GOP Precinct Chair
Jim Doyle - Montgomery County GOP Precinct Chair
Greg Fore - Colorado County GOP Precinct Chair

Ralph H. Fite - Harris County GOP Precinct Chair
Craig LeTulle - Former Fort Bend County Precinct Chair

Jakub Kosiba - Bexar County Precinct Chair
Mathai Matthew - Harris County GOP Precinct Chair

George May - Harris County GOP Precinct Chair
Ginger Russell - Montgomery County GOP Precinct Chair
Nancy Scott - Harris County GOP Precinct Chair
Linda Starkenburg - Brazoria County GOP Precinct Chair

Greg Wright - Collin County GOP Precinct Chair
Aaron Streett - Former US Supreme Court Clerk
Reagan Reed - 2015 Conservative Leader, Empower Texans*

Pam Colquitt - President, Dallas Eagle Forum*


Betty Anderson - Spring, TX
Ernest Baumgant - Columbus, TX
Elisabeth and Tim Belton - Bellaire, TX
Betty Berger - Weimar, TX
Carson Bonner - Lubbock, TX
Brent & Leila Borgstedte - Bellaire, TX
Alan Brandt - Columbus, TX
Glen and Nell Brindley - Temple, TX
Gwen Brown - Columbus, TX
John Brown - Columbus, TX
Herman Brune - Columbus, TX
Toni Burns - Columbus, TX
Dr. John Coppedge - Longview, TX
Stephen J. Cox - Houston, TX
Jeanette Davis - Houston, TX
Austin DeMoss - Austin, TX
Leon Dittmar Jr. - Columbus, TX
Jan Duncan - Westlake, TX
Sherry and Harry Dunlap - Houston, TX
Regina Duren - Huffman, TX
Gary Eden - Columbus, TX
Isaac Elder – Waco, TX
Emmy Edwards - Lake Jackson, TX
Dolores Fore - Cat Spring, TX
Chris Frederichson - Galveston, TX
Pete and Rita Gamboa - Lake Jackson, TX
Benjamin Geslison - Houston, TX
Walt Glasscock - Columbus, TX
Lori Granados - Austin, TX
Keith Hall - Houston, TX
Dr. Gilbert Handal - El Paso, TX
Alex Handley - Tomball, TX
Frank Harmon - Houston, TX
Pastor L. Jeff Harris - Temple, TX
Dr. and Mrs. J. Denton Harris IV - Beaumont, TX
Kim Hartman - Eagle Lake, TX
Dede Hebiet - Austin, TX
Pat Henson - Spring, TX
Frank & Trudy Hester - Ft. Bend County, TX
Amy Hilton - Kingwood, TX
Jay Hoffman - Round Rock, TX
Jennifer Howell - El Paso, TX
Al Jamison - Columbus, TX
David Kahlich - Weimar, TX
Elvera Kahlich - Weimar, TX
Cris Knotts - Houston, TX
Allen Kohlden - Columbus, TX
Donnie Lubeck - Tomball, TX
Richard Merrill - Houston, TX
Laurie Metting - Cuero, TX
Ann S. Miller - Houston, TX
Mirtha Neill - Lake Jackson, TX
Uenita & Ronnie Odom - Spring, TX
Bud Parrish - Fredericksburg, TX
Linda Patterson Shortreed - Houston, TX
Lucy Pehl - Fredericksburg, TX
Jean Perkins - Columbus, TX
Jason Rasco - Kingwood, TX
Kevin A. Reddy - Kingwood, TX
Ronny Risinger - Round Rock, TX
Ileene Robinson - Houston, TX
Kevin Roddy - Kingwood, TX
Scott Rozzell - Houston, TX
Dave Schumacher - Georgetown, TX
Nancy Scott - Houston, TX
Sandie Shiver - Houston, TX
Gary Skarke - Houston, TX
Carol “Bucky” Smith - New Braunfels, TX
Clark Smith - Austin, TX
Molly Smith – Woodway, TX
Jonathan Smith - Houston, TX
Ray Smith - Fredericksburg, TX
Kyle Stanley - Sugar Land, TX
Tom Stroschein - Lake Jackson, TX
Michael Uryasz - Lubbock, TX
Doug Wessels - Columbus, TX
Jay Wright - Conroe, TX
Patty Vredevelt - Austin, TX

*All organizations listed for identification purposes only.